Online DofE photography skills course with live webinars

This is a 3 month DofE Photography Skills course with 12 weekly modules. It includes 3 live webinars with Lillian Spibey, supporting materials, assessment and assessor sign off.

  • Course dates

    Our online DofE photography skills courses run every term. Click the link above to see

  • What the course includes

    * Three live webinar workshops (1 hr and 30 mins each).
    * Held monthly over a 3-month period.
    * Online course booklets - 12 weeks of photographic assignments.
    * Weekly emails, visuals & information.
    * Supplementary information and reading * Members only Facebook group, where students can interact with each other, share photos and tips.
    * Assess the student’s work throughout and give on-going guidance through social media and email.
    * End of course assessment and DofE skills reporting sign off

  • Photography skills taught

    * How to use a DSLR camera.
    * Become proficient in its functions.
    * Learn about composition.
    * Using filters, working in natural and artificial light.
    * Insights and advice on how to build up a portfolio of a chosen themes, such as wildlife, or portrait photography.
    * Learning how to re-touch digital images (using photo editing applications) including cropping, adding effects and adjusting colour.
    * Helping recognise great images and enter competitions.

  • How the webinars work

    * Register on the course.
    * Receive invite to attend
    * Download ‘Zoom’ app.
    * Enter webinar workshop at scheduled time.

Course curriculum

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  • Duke of Edinburgh Award